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Controlling access to your data should be easy - we make it effortless.

The Benefits –

Cloud & Network Access Control

  • Real-time cloud and network monitoring.
  • Always know how people are accessing your data.
  • Gain insight with tamper-proof audit trails.
  • Immediately revoke access to your data, wherever it is.
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Much of today’s technology for online security is focused on cyber defense, and keeping unwanted visitors out of the network perimeter. However, in many instances data breaches occur through internal activities ranging from human error to outright data theft.

What makes our cloud & network access control solution unique?

Most cyber security providers grant you access control, as long as your data is in your possession. But what happens when a user saves your data to a personal device? Our solution matches a user-friendly management console with real-time data monitoring. This powerful combination makes it effortless for you to immediately grant access to your data, or revoke access to your data, no matter where it is.

Cloud & Network Monitoring

Our system never sleeps. We provide you with real-time, 24/7 cloud and network monitoring for all of your valuable data. Through your personal management console, view a tamper-proof audit trail to see how your team is accessing and utilizing data. See how each team member read, edited, deleted or downloaded files. You will receive an immediate alert if our system ever notices any unusual activity.

Cloud Access Control, Network Access Control, Cloud Security, Data Security, Cyber Security, Cybersecurity, Mice 360

Intuitive Management Console

Our management console provides you with a single, user-friend location to manage your data, along with cloud and network access control. You can quickly grant file access to your team when starting a new project or revoke access once a project ends. Use it to set detailed permissions such as preventing downloading or setting time limits on user access.

Instantly Kill Access

Our instant kill option enables you to cut user access to your files immediately. Even if a user has saved your files to a personal computer, USB drive or anywhere else, our system gives you the power to cut all access to those files. Even though your data is no longer in your possession, it always remains in your control.

Network Access Control, Cloud Security, Mice 360, Cyber Security, Cybersecurity

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