Our Winning Formula

Data Encryption + Zero-Knowlege Privacy + Perfect Forward Secrecy = True Security

The Benefits –

Data Encryption

  • 256-bit AES data encryption at rest and in transit.
Every file is protected with its own set of keys.
  • True zero knowledge system – 
only you control access to your data.
  • Seamless integration with all applications / operating systems.
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“The domain mentality simply isn’t working any more. The needs of the 21st century have eclipsed that model. What Mice 360 provides is an entirely new model, built around identity management.”

Dr. Nameer Haider – Founder, Mice 360 Cybersecurity

What makes our data encryption solution stand out?

Most cybersecurity providers only offer data encryption, which for us is just part of the equation. For a true cybersecurity solution, we secure data at the data level and partner that with zero-knowledge privacy. This powerful combination results in unmatched protection for your valuable data.

Data Encryption At The Data Level

We utilize 256-bit AES encryption to protect each and every individual file. By encrypting data at the data level, organizations benefit from pervasive and persistent data security wherever that data travels, even when it is sent across domains. We also encrypt all metadata associated with your files such as file name, author, creation date and even the location of where the file was created.

Data Encryption, 256 bit AES encryption, Mice 360, Cyber Security, Data at the Data Level, Data Security, Enterprise Security

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Zero-knowledge privacy means we are never able to view your data since we ensure the encryption keys always remain with the you. Your data is always encrypted on your device and only you keep the encryption key. Unlike many security providers, we never store your encryption key with your data.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

We provide you with perfect forward secrecy, meaning a unique key is created for every single transaction you make. Creating separate keys ensures that if one of your keys is compromised no other keys will be compromised – your valuable information always stays secure.

Perfect Forward Secrecy, Zero Knowledge Privacy, Cyber Security, Data Security, 256 bit AES Encryption, Mice 360

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